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Enjoying a visit with one of the shut-in members of Immaculate Conception Fraternity.
A happy group of Franciscans on the way to St. Joan of Arc in Kokomo for the annual Unity Day for Our Lady of Indiana Regional Fraternity.
Sharing the events of the day would be incomplete with the ever-present Italian vino!
A statue given to the Fraternity of St. Francis and St. Elizabeth and St. Louis, Patroness and Patron of the Third Order.
One of the magnificent terra cotta figures by Andre Della Robbia at La Verna enjoyed by every group of pilgrims each time we visit.
This is one of each pilgrim family’s favorite places: It doesn’t get much better than enjoying lunch sitting by the fountain under the umbrellas in the Piazza Communale in Assisi.
The audience with Pope Francis or any of the Vicars of St. Peter is always a major and precious event. Being a part of this event always strengthens ones faith when sharing time with thousands of other believers and our Holy Father.
Pilgrims always love this precious moment: assembling to celebrate the Eucharist in the Crypt in the presence of the remains of St. Francis and four of his first Friars.
At San Damiano, on the way up to the Chapel of St. Clare, as residents climb the stairs, they can look out the window into the garden where St. Francis spent some of his last days and where he composed the "Canticle of the Creatures".
The small Chapel of St. Clare where she spent many hours in prayer. The small niche in the left wall is where the Blessed Sacrament was reserved.
The garden at San Damiano – always filled with beautiful flowers and always a favorite quiet play for the prayer of pilgrims.
This Baptismal font is at the Cathedral of San Rufino and is the one in which both St. Francis and St. Clare were baptized. Pilgrims always have the grace and privilege of renewing their Baptismal promises here.
Image of St. Francis and – yes, the doves are alive, on the way to the "Garden of the Roses" where Francis threw himself into a rose bush to ward off temptation.
One of the doves in the walkway to the “Garden of the Roses” at St. Mary of the Angels.
The refectory of the Conventual Friars in the Sacro Convento in Assisi.
Image of the Holy Family in the Refectory of Sacro Convento in Assisi.
TAU on a cave wall painted by Francis. He would often do this so each of the friars would know where his sleeping place was.
The Rocca Maggiore as seen today after rebuilding efforts over the centuries. It was the sight of the citizens of Assisi, including the young Francis, tearing it down in opposition to the emperor.
Interior view of the "Portiuncula" at St. Mary of the Angels Basilica. It was Francis’s favorite place on earth. Painting added later, depicts the granting of the Portiuncula Indulgence for which Francis pleaded with the Holy Father.
There are seven gates to the city of Assisi. This one is the "Porta di San Francesco" looking out over the Spoleto Valley toward Perugia.
Brother Leo wished that Francis would give him a small remembrance – though only his thoughts. Francis knew what Leo was thinking and he wrote this blessing for him. Leo carried it in his pocket the rest of his life.
Close up of the bell tower of the Tower of the People in the Piazza Communale in Assisi.
It was on this spot in the Chapel of the Stigmata at La Verna where St. Francis had his encounter with the Seraph who placed the wound of Jesus in Francis’s hands, feet and side.
Reliquary at La Verna containing one with dried blood from the side wound of St. Francis which stained the side of his habit.
Pet owners bring their four- legged friends winged fowl, fish, and other critters for the annual Pet Blessing on or near the Feast of St. Francis.
One of the small groups of Immaculate Conception Fraternity members during Continuing Formation.
A beautiful picture.
Two joyful Franciscans Amivi Gbologan, OFS, and Martin Bickle, OFS, who work on the nursing staff of Holy Cross House caring for the retired Holy Cross priests.
Assisi Coat of Arms
Fraternity Outing on the Lake: A boatload of Franciscans from northern Indiana, Our Lady of Indiana Region, enjoying outing on the Dixie Queen, a restored paddle boat on Lake Webster.
Francis liked to mark the sleeping spot for the friars with a TAY. This one in the cave at Greccio.
Cover of the Gospel which Francis and his companions, Bernardo and Pietro, opened to receive the Gospel words which would become their primitive Rule of Life. The original book is now carefully preserved in the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore.
Immaculate Conception Fraternity members deep in conversation during Continuing formation while Ambrose, fraternity mascot, watches the surroundings carefully.