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In Assisi, whoever goes up will come back down, and whoever goes down will come back up. These plucky pilgrims didn’t keep that axiom from enjoying the city.
Enjoying time together sharing the events of the day.
Pilgrims readying themselves to pray Evening Prayer after a busy day.
Three married couples renew their marriage vows in a small chapel at the Basilica of St. Francis.
Catching a few ZZZZs in the terminal in Frankfort after the night flight from Chicago.
Another weary pilgrim catches some badly needed rest.
Celebrating the Eucharist on a side altar at St. Peter’s Basilica in the sight of the magnificent Main Altar.
One of the resident friars at San Damino giving a reflection on the significance of that vital and significant site to all Franciscans.
Pilgrims arriving for Mass in the private Chapel of “Capella della Pianto” at the Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels.
In the site of the Basilica of St. Francis – blest in so many ways!
Sharing Franciscan joy in the piazza in front of Santa Maria Maggiore in Assisi. Behind there, a magnificent statue of Pica and Pietro Bernadone, parents of St. Francis. Note the chain in Pica’s hand – reminder of her having released Francis from the home prison in which his father placed him.